World Of Wonder

Anything you saw published off of The WOW Report - World of Wonder’s pop culture and lifestyle blog - or any of their eight social media accounts (including RuPaul’s DragCon’s), I was the mastermind behind it!

As the social media manager and editor of The WOW Report (3 years), I spearheaded and managed our content calendar and initiatives, wrote short form comedic digital shorts for our YouTube channel WOW Presents - including Vice’s Trixie and Katya Show and Bro’Laska! and managed/published exclusive interviews on our blog. I also managed our deliverables, budget, and deadlines over 8 social media accounts.

I created GIF packages for talent and our trade-out agreements and prize packages for WOW vendors. I oversaw and published all of our social media and what was trending over all platforms.